I show you how money can be easy and how to create wealth without the sacrifice so you can still have fun, enjoy your life and stop living paycheck to paycheck while creating a healthy relationship with money for you and your family.

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I woke up for the first time really excited to open my computer, work on my finances, and get everything organized! I finally feel like everything is going to be OK and I'm in the right place. You let me go at my own pace and I love that about you. I feel more confident, and it just feels amazing! I'm so glad to have you by my side!

"You've helped me put the pieces together..."

- Claudine M

Eileen, I'm so beyond excited to tell you that I paid off my last credit card! I honestly never thought that I would ever pay off these cards and now I have an extra $900 a month to save and invest! Working with you has been a dream come true! I don't know how to thank you! 

"What you offer women is PRICELESS..."

- Christine T

"She actually does look at your finances with you to help you find more money and get on the right track for retirement. She is an advocate for women and believes that all women deserve a financial education. Eileen will definitely help you get your finances in order!"

"Eileen is the REAL DEAL."

- Sandy M

Once I stopped excessively spending money that I actually don't have I can easily see that I DO have enough money! This is so EASY, and I was shocked at how quickly and easily I was able to pay my bills AND finally start saving money!

"This is so EASY..."

- Tiffany G

Eileen, I had enough money to pay myself, buy gifts, AND pay my bills this month! Working with you has literally been a game changer! I never would have been able to figure this out on my own! You're amazing!

"Working with you has literally been a game changer!"

- Liz H

My finances and all things money literally kept me up at night! You gave me actionable steps to solve the issue that I've had my whole life and I'm fully taking advantage of it! Thank you, Eileen! 

"You gave me actionable steps..."

- Camilla L