Does money make you feel shameful, so you never talk about it with anyone?

➝ Do you make good money, but feel like you have nothing to show for it?

➝ Are you feeling like you should be saving and investing and you just have no idea how to start?

➝ Does the thought of budgeting your money make you feel like you can't have any fun?

➝ Do you use your credit cards because it's easier and then feel guilty when the bill arrives?

I hear you, mama...

➝ Are you embarrassed about your money situation and feel like you're stuck with no way out?

➝ Does thinking about your money 
keep you up at night

➝ Are you looking forward to the day when you can take your kids on an all expenses
paid vacation
with cash? 

➝ How about the day you finally fly first class without feeling guilty? 

➝ How would you feel if you were able to treat your friends to a spa day at the 5-star luxury hotel? 

the financial education

you've been waiting for your whole life!


No more Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment or Anxiety about your money forever!

➝ You'll master the art of getting paid and know exactly what to do with your cash to create wealth!

➝ Finally save and invest thousands of dollars for your dream life so that you can have fun and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

 ➝ Feel the exhilaration of investing your money in the stock market with confidence!

➝ For the first time in your life you're so excited to talk about money with anyone, even your partner and kids!

Personal finance is



Eileen, you were so right! It's fantastic at how fast she caught on and she has savings goals! She makes her own decisions if she wants to buy something or save for it. Everything you told me is coming true! Thank you, Eileen, you're amazing! 

Eileen, you were so right! It's fantastic at how fast she caught on and she has savings goals! When we go shopping, she doesn't ask me anymore if she can have something, she uses her own money! I NEVER have to say no anymore! She makes her own decisions if she wants to buy something or save for it. Everything you told me is coming true! Thank you, Eileen, you're amazing! 

"It's so fun watching my 9-year-old daughter learn how to manage her own money."

- Torie L

If you're a mom who wants to build a savings account and leave a legacy of wealth to your children, Eileen's your coach!

"Eileen's your coach!"

- Sarah C

she knows the secrets, the hacks and the energy behind both financial and spiritual certainty and security. Eileen knows the greatest common factors of success!

"Eileen will help you master your financial life..."

- JP


Live Calls

12 weeks LIVE on Zoom with an intimate group of moms just like you. 60-90 minutes a week - Eileen's expert coaching AND have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered.

Unlimited Voxer

Unlimited full access to Voxer (walkie talkie app) for any questions in between sessions.

Money Secrets Cheatsheets

Transform your money mindset and bank account with all the powerful money hacks, tips, tricks, strategies and secrets all at your fingertips! 

A Gift for You

Welcome Package that I gift only to my 1:1 private clients


with Eileen

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Moms deserve a financial education. I make money easy and fun for you and your family.

During Money School for Moms, I teach you step by step how to create wealth without the sacrifice, still enjoy your life, and have a healthy relationship with money, so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck. I show you how easy it is to teach your kids about money so they can be set for life! My 11 year old son knows more about money than most adults!

 I am a divorced, single mom who hit rock bottom after my divorce. I had to get a new house, a new car and a new job all at the same time. I went from bankrupt and broke to now totally debt free, a fully funded emergency fund, a paid off car three years early, and on track to retire early!

I am Eileen Joy the money coach for moms.


I created Money School for Moms using my professional background, knowledge, and skill set. My University degree is in Education, also having been a Mortgage Underwriter, a Real Estate Agent, and working in the Insurance industry. I hold numerous certifications and have read over 300 books (and still reading daily), I work with my own financial coaches and have graduated from countless courses.

Money School for Moms is a fun and easy system that any busy and overwhelmed mom can follow. It's a private, safe and comfortable environment to learn about one of the most avoided and taboo subjects... money.

NOPE! Money School for Moms is open to ALL women.

12 classes, once per week.

The classes are live & will also be recorded!

Yes! The classes will be recorded and uploaded to our MSFM Facebook group for you to access and watch at your convenience. 

A private group through Voxer (an encrypted walkie talkie app) will be provided for each of you to ask questions and provide support to each other in between classes. 

You will receive one 30 minute 1:1 private zoom call with me that may be used at any time during our 12 weeks together. 

Additional 1:1 private sessions may be purchased separately. Just ask me! 

💻 12 Live Zoom calls, 60 minutes, once per week for 12 weeks.
💵 Each week will include a new topic. 
📱 Group Voxer Access in between calls to get your questions answered and group support. 
📔 Money School for Moms cheat sheets
🎁 A fun welcome gift from Eileen
🌻 One 30 minute 1:1 Private Zoom call with Eileen to be used during the 12 week time period.

You are your own best investment.

Are you ready NOW to

invest in yourself?

invest in yourself?

I'm ready now!


The road to freedom from financial issues to get to the root of the issue. Eileen has solidified that for me, she will help you take ownership over your finances!

Who knew you could have so much fun talking about money?!

- Nicole C

Eileen's work is priceless and has saved our family, she is the real deal!

"She is the real deal!"

- Rebecca E

Once I stopped excessively spending money that I actually don't have I can easily see that I DO have enough money to pay my bills! ...I was shocked at how quickly and easily I was able to pay my bills this week!

"This is so EASY..."

- Tiffany G